Sorry It is not possible to organize Cannabis Event Amsterdam in connection with the law the Netherlands.

If the laws change we start.

Below the website of the lawyer. For firts class CBD Weed.

Shows the world's best cannabis companies and cannabis-related products Your number one cannabis event in Amsterdam the city of cannabis!

Cannabis Event Amsterdam is an two days cannabis event held in Amsterdam the Netherlands the first will start in Amsterdam. The cannabis coffeeshops (cannabis dispensaries) were invented in 1972 now there are around 160 in Amsterdam.

Ad the event you can find products related to the hemp plant, its industrial uses - medical, cosmetics, footwear, textiles, building materials, food -, crops -bonds, seeds, farming systems, etc.-, recreational consumption and use. In addition, lectures are given during the conference to discuss topics such as its use in herbal medicine, research on its active ingredients, cultivation and consumption, and risk reduction. Also focus on CBD oil and CBD, THC edibles.

International cannabis networking congress focused on showing the potential of the cannabis industry. We provide information on legalization, market opportunities, medical advances and innovation in Europe. A perfect opportunity for you to invest directly into cannabis related businesses networking and for cannabis entrepreneurs to secure funding for their business ventures.

Its a part trade show, part research, part invest conference and festival of copious cannabis consumption" with nice excursions in one of the most stunning cities in the world and famous Amsterdam cooffeeschops selected by us. Amsterdam the world's number one city of cannabis and pleasure.

We are the founders of the Foundation Keurmerk for CBD and Weed (quality mark) In the Netherlands and Cannabis Valley Way.

We are a team of experts in the field of CBD {cannabidiol} and Weed with a lot of experience. We stand for quality and know how to do it and what is good. This foundation was established to combat polluted weed and CBD oil. The CBD and Weed supplier distinguishes itself with our quality mark from its competitors, and can thus try to attract more customers. From the assessment that precedes our quality mark, the supplier also learns whether his product meets our quality requirements, and in which areas further improvements are needed. The certification can per type (or brand) of Weed or CBD that has been tested in the laboratory and found to be good.

Cannabis Pro Chef we bake it and ceep it clean 100% naturel ingredients.

Our THC-CBD muffins, THC-CBD brownies THC- CBD stroopwafels THC-CBD cakes are 100% pure because of our top quality, they are a great success in several world famous Amsterdam coffeeshops.

CBD Lab Factory. We are a team of experts in the field of CBD {Cannabidiol} and Weed with a lot of experience. We ensure innovation and quality. CBD Lab Factory makes products with CBD and helps companies to bring new products onto the market that use pure medicinal cannabis CBD {cannabidiol}.

If you have ideas and like it become a partner, we love to hear from you!

Cannabis Event Amsterdam.

The Netherlands.

Tel: 0031640442176

Cannabis Event Amsterdam is co produced by Cosmos Cannabis Business Development Mexico for Europe.